The unforgettable lost journey in an isolated beautiful Village

It was 5 years back when I had recently shifted abroad and I had to restart my career and I realized no one is going to come knocking at my door to offer me a Job till I go Job hunting and give an interview. I stay in the European countryside and it’s drop-dead cold here. I didn’t have a driving license then and so I took public transport. Although it’s cold but public transport Journey is something I cherished as I got to enjoy the scenic views of the beautiful town and village. However, the only downside was to keep up with the time especially when you have to reach somewhere on time and it’s not really nice as you will be unable to reach on time considering there were no direct buses. I had to give an interview at 2.00 pm and the manager just sent me a postcode and I had to navigate using my google maps. I made sure I had charged my phone before I left the place. I waited for the bus, due to the town where I stay although it was a beautiful town it lacked good links in public transport it means my 30 minutes journey goes up to 2 hours journey as there are no direct buses. However, I started early and everything was planned and written the address in case anything goes wrong and fully charged my phone battery.

I took the bus and somehow my phone battery started getting low. There was some internal defect although I had charged my phone. I think my batteries in the phone needed a replacement or I needed a new phone itself. The 2-hour journey, however, came to an end, and due to my dying battery and no network my google maps didn’t show me the right spot to get down and I had to rely on the bus driver. The bus driver took a wild guess when I showed him the postcode and suggested I get down at a beautiful spot which was the nearest although he didn’t sound quite confident. However, I got down trusting him but when I got down I realized I had no access to any living being let alone human beings in that place, and to my nightmare, my phone was not even working and my battery had died. I had to reach the spot by 2.00 pm and It was already 1.50 pm and nor I knew how to reach it. I cursed myself the whole walk for saying yes to attend this interview and I was imagining It’s my last day of life and all the wrong things which can happen to me including freezing to death. I prayed to God with all my sincerity while I walked in the cold weather to send someone to rescue me and after exactly 10 minutes of walk and invisible tears and seeking forgiveness during my ending moments. I see a beautiful woman and she looked like some strong farm woman who would go horse riding in her boots and she drove a Gypsy. She had a beautiful big farm and there was a tiny hut on the farm. I told her the full story and how I ended up in this isolated farming place and she asked my interview venue address which I had written down and she dropped me at the interview location although I reached it at 3.00 pm I still reached. I thanked her for her generosity and went on to give my interview filled with all the bad day vibes I had earlier for this interview. I was done with it and now I didn’t know where to go either. The interviewers were also not that friendly at least they could have offered me a drive down to the bus stop but anyway I decided to go on my own again praying to find a bus stop nearby and now I was in a beautiful isolated village away from isolated farm countryside. Whilst I was looking for a bus or stop anywhere near I met an old lovely couple who were dog walking their puppy and grandson. They asked me If they can help me and I replied to them, that I was on the lookout for a bus stop and they said that no bus goes back till 5.00 pm that means I had to stay in the cold weather till 5.00 pm.

They invited me to their home which was like 5 minutes away from the bus stop and offered me warm tea asked about my whereabouts and empathized with me on how terrified I was being lost and clueless. After some chit-chat about my background and where I came from and the lovely couple’s life story, it was time for me to catch the bus before I could miss this one I hurried up and thanked them for their generosity and kindness. At 4.30 pm the old man offered me help to leave me to the bus stop and made sure I sat in the right bus and instructed the driver to drop me safe ad waved me goodbye. It’s been 5 years since that event. I dont really recall which place it was as I walked a lot before I could find them all I remember was a beautiful village with a beautiful century-old church with the clock on it and beautiful people who lived there and May God bless them to help me that day. I have nothing to offer to them in return but prayers for their happy life. And I found that there are beautiful people staying in beautiful villages.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience!!!



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